Child Protection

To embrace and adhere to the ASA Child Protection Policy​

The use of video, photographic & video mobile phones is not permitted.​

Parents/Carers are responsible for their charges in the changing rooms.​

Parents/Carers are responsible for their charges when going to the toilet.​

All teachers & helpers will respect swimmers ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.​

All teachers/helpers will report to the appropriate person/body any concerns they have for the welfare of any child.​

Welfare Officer Trevor Cridland Tel 01708 229591 or Swimline 0808 100 4001 or NSPCC 0808 800 5000​

Whistleblower policy is embraced. Any unacceptable conduct by any employee can be reported without fear of recrimination.​

Any person who has concerns about the conduct of any member of staff / parent / carer or any matter about a abuse or neglect of a swimmer will have the full support of the school when reporting their fears.​